New World level 0 to 200 Engineering Guide


New World isn’t just about completing quests and killing mobs. Being an MMO platform, one of the biggest and most important parts of the gameplay centers around trade skills and professions. Yes, today we are going to talk about the skill ‘Engineering’ in the following article. So, stay tuned with us.

There are a total of seven different crafting-based trade skills in the game, and players can choose from these skills to have a profession of their own. These majorly focus on crafting and works as the main source of income in the game.

Engineering is a skill that allows players to craft various ranged-related items, such as Muskets & Bows, alongside the ammunition required for them to function. Higher the level of Engineering, stronger the weapons; simple concept, yeah? Grinding for a higher level in the profession also increments the gear score of the weapon.

You can participate in the activity to train Engineering by locating a workshop or forge in the game. Workshops revolve around crafting ranged weapons, ammunition, etc., whereas, a forge is utilized to make melee-based weapons. You can find Forges & Workshops in most of the settlements, and you can upgrade the tier by taking part in the ‘Town Projects.’

Connected Skills & Benefits

Since Engineering requires a ton of materials as you’ll be making plenty of ammunition for weapons, the items can either be gathered by trading other players, or you can opt to have a few extra skills along with the professions to help you gather them. The skills connected with Engineering are; Smelting, Leather Working, Logging, Mining, Harvesting, and Weaving.

The most basic requirement in New Word is having Weapons and Ammunitions, so it makes sense why they are in demand in this New World Engineering guide. Any high-level engineer who can make quality weapons is in high demand in the market. You can make the most out of the profession by crafting high-tier items, and then selling them at the Trading Post for gold.

When you use Azoth while crafting, you increase the chances of acquiring various perks. Also, being an Engineer allows you to make hammers and swords, which are the requirements for smaller territories, and by that, I mean, Town Project related.

So, if you want to make better items, you need to get a good enough level in Engineering, and that’s primarily why we’re going to show you the most efficient way to power level in this New World Engineering GUide.

Power Levelling

The only way to level up your Engineering is by crafting plenty of items, and doing so, offers you EXP that counts towards leveling up the profession. It also allows you to unlock various recipes, along with a number of other benefits.

You can always opt to craft Proficiency Boosters that only require Water, Soul, and Air Motes. However, you need to be at least level 20 in Engineering before you start. Also, you need to increase your Harvesting too.

The most noteworthy way would be to target lower-tier items because as you level up, the cost of recipes increases as well. They can cost you double the amount that is listed on the market, and another reason is that you can easily gather the materials required to make lower-tier items for this New World Engineering Leveling Guide.

Levels 0 to 50

From levels 0 to 50, you need to craft 116x Gunpowder. You will need the following items – 580x Charcoal, 232x Flint (2 for each), and 116x Saltpeter (1 for each).

Levels 50 to 63

From levels 50 to 63, you need to craft 51x Treater Wood Bows. You will need the following items – 2448 x Green-Wood (48 for each), 612 x Rawhide (12 for each), and 408 x Fibers (8 for each).

Levels 63 to 78

From levels 63 to 78, you need to craft 111x Treated Wood Fishing Poles. You will need the following items – 5328 x Green-Wood (48 for each), 1332 x Rawhide (12 for each), and 888 x Fibers (8 for each).

Levels 78 to 80

From levels 78 to 80, you need to craft 7x Dryad Walking Sticks. You will need the following items – 560 x Iron Ore (80 for each), 420 x Green-Wood (60 for each), 140 x Rawhide (20 for each), 112 x Silver Ore (16 for each), and 28 x Fae Iron (4 for each).

Levels 80 to 100

From levels 80 to 100 you need to craft 80x Hunter’s Longshot. You will need the following items – 6880 x Iron Ore (80 for each), 5160 x Green-Wood (60 for each), 1720 x Rawhide (20 for each), 1376 x Silver Ore (16 for each), and 344 x Fae Iron (4 for each).

Levels 100 to 105

From levels 100 to 105, you need to craft 14x Wyrdwood Spears. You will need the following items – 1008 x Wyrdwood (72 for each), 1344 x Aged Wood (96 for each), 2688 x Green-Wood (192 for each), 504 x Coarse Sandpaper (36 for each), 280 x Iron Ore (20 for each), and 112 x Rawhide (8 for each).

Levels 105 to 110

From levels 105 to 110, you need to craft 45x Laquered Wood Spears. You will need the following items – 1980 x Aged Wood (44 for each), 3960 x Green-Wood (88 for each), 495 x Coarse Sandpaper (11 for each), 900 x Iron Ore (20 for each), and 360 x Rawhide (8 for each) for this New World Engineering leveling guide.

Levels 110 to 125

From levels 110 to 125, you need to craft 186x Aged Wood Fishing Poles. You will need the following items – 9672 x Aged Wood (52 for each), 19344 x Green-Wood (104 for each), 2418 x Coarse Sandpaper (13 for each), 2232 x Rawhide (12 for each), and 1488 x Fibers (8 for each).

Levels 125 to 130

From levels 125 to 130, you need to craft 81x Star Metal Arrows. You will need the following items – 978 x Starmetal Ore (12 for each), 3912 x Iron Ore (48 for each), 3260 x Aged Wood (40 for each), 489 x Sand Flux (6 for each), 978 x Wyrdwood (12 for each), 2608 x Green-Wood (32 for each), 489 x Coarse Sandpaper (6 for each), and 244 x Feathers (3 for each).

Levels 130 to 160

From levels 130 to 160, you need to craft 107x Wyrdwood Spears. You will need the following items – 7704 x Wyrdwood (72 for each), 10272 x Aged Wood (96 for each), 20544 x Green-Wood (192 for each), 3852 x Coarse Sandpaper (36 for each), 2140 x Iron Ore (20 for each), and 856 x Rawhide (8 for each).

Levels 160 to 175

From levels 160 to 175, you need to craft 655x Star Metal Arrows. You will need the following items – 7865 x Starmetal Ore (12 for each), 31461 x Iron Ore (48 for each), 26218 x Aged Wood (40 for each), 3933 x Sand Flux (6 for each), 7865 x Wyrdwood (12 for each), 20974 x Green-Wood (32 for each), 3933 x Coarse Sandpaper (6 for each), and 1966 x Feathers (3 for each).

Levels 175 to 200

From levels 175 to 200, you need to craft 950x Orichalcum Arrows. You will need the following items – 7600 x Orichalcum Ore (8 for each), 11400 x Starmetal Ore (12 for each), 45600 x Iron Ore (48 for each), 57000 x Aged Wood (60 for each), 6650 x Sand Flux (7 for each), 15200 x Ironwood (16 for each), 22800 x Wyrdwood (24 for each), 60800 x Green-Wood (64 for each), 13300 x Coarse Sandpaper (14 for each), and 2850 x Feathers (3 for each).

Blacksmithing in World of Warcraft: Expensive, but Rewarding

Blacksmithing is one of the most expensive of World of Warcraft’s professions. On the other hand, it is also one of the most rewarding of the professions. Specifically designed for Warriors and Paladins, it is able to make chain and plate armor, and almost every type of weapon you could think of. In its higher levels, it can make weapons that rival boss monster’s epic drops in quality. If you are willing to pay the price in materials to be able to craft items, it will be a highly rewarding profession.
Blacksmithing, as stated earlier, is specifically for the plate-wearing classes, the Warrior and Paladin. However, there are a fair amount of chain recipes, so if your Hunter or Shaman is in need of armor, you may have good use for the Blacksmithing profession.

Mostly, Blacksmithing is for creating armor. A fair amount of the recipes are weapons, however. In addition to the many, many armor and weapon plans, there are also a few different side items. You will be able to create various levels of Skeleton Keys, very useful for unlocking doors and chests. You will also be able to create Weapon Chains, an enchantment of sorts that will make it so that a weapon will not be affected by the Disarm ability. You can also make Mithril Spurs, a boot enchantment that will increase the speed of your mount.

You can also make Sharpening Stones and Weightstones. Sharpening stones are one of the essentials for any Rogue, Warrior, or any other class using a bladed weapon. It will, for a half an hour, increase the damage of a bladed weapon. The amount that the stone increases the damage by depends on the quality of the stone. Weightstones do the same thing, except they will do it for blunt weapons, like maces, hammers, and staves, making it useful for any class that tends to use blunt weapons. Paladins would find these useful. Like Sharpening Stones, Weightstones have more of a damage increase if they are higher quality.

If you are a shield user, than Blacksmithing supplies something for you, too. Shield Spikes are an enchantment, which will make your shield do damage when blocking attacks. The amount of damage also depends on the quality of the shield spike. There are four different types, Iron, Mithril, Thorium, and Felsteel. Felsteel will do the most damage when you block, while Iron does the least.

When you get high enough in skill, you will be able to choose a specialization. You may choose either Armorsmithing, or Weaponsmithing. Furthermore, if you choose Weaponsmithing, you may specialize further as a Swordsmith, an Axesmith, or a Hammersmith. These will give you the ability to create extremely powerful weapons, some of which only you, as a powerful Blacksmith, will be able to use.

Blacksmithing is expensive. There is no doubt about it. But, those costs can be cut down extremely by taking up Mining as a secondary profession. And if you are able and willing to take up the cost of leveling up Blacksmithing, it will prove to be a profession that will net you a lot of good weapon and armor pieces. You will even have the ability to create a Legendary weapon, an accomplished feat if you can successfully attempt it.

RuneScape Updates Castle Wars, Improves Castle Wars Rewards

In an unexpected move, RuneScape has updated Castle Wars only two days after the Elemental Workshop III quest update. This second update in one week significantly improves Castle Wars.
Castle wars rewards saw the biggest update. Castle Wars rewards were in need of improvement and now make saving castle wars tickets more worthwhile.

Castle Wars armor can now provide offensive bonuses in castle wars against enemies much like a slayer helm works against slayer tasks. This bonus can be up to 25% depending upon the type of armor worn.

A fourth set of Castle Wars armor has been added to the game. Requiring level 40 defense to wear, the set gives decent bonuses as well as the 25% damage increase against opponents in Castle Wars.

God halos can be purchased for use outside of castle wars. These have no requirements to wear and will slow the drain rate of certain prayers. The specific prayers drained vary depending on what god the halo is of.

Faithful shield is also available. This shield provides very good stats for an item that has no requirements to wear as well as a prayer bonus. Expect a surge of level one defense pures to pile Castle Wars trying to get tickets for this shield.

New capes are available for certain accomplishments. RuneScape layers who have logged the most kills in a game, most flag captures in a game, and have played 500, 1,000, and 5,000 games of castle wars.

Items that can be taken into and used during a game of Castle Wars can also be purchased from Lanthus. Four Ballista parts can be purchased and assembled for use within caste wars. Ballista ammunition can also be purchased. The ballista will fire upon all enemies within range until it is out of ammunition and can be destroyed by the enemy.

Potion sets can now be purchased for one ticket each set. Geared specifically towards melee, ranged, and magic, these sets can only be used within Castle Wars.

Within Castle Wars, RuneScape players can now use flares to alert teammates where to aim the catapult. RuneScape players will find this very useful for using a catapult to destroy an enemy ballista.

A take-5 item option has been added to the equipment tables for faster taking of items.

Castle Wars has been added to the high scores so RuneScape players can be recognized and ranked for their accomplishments as well. RuneScape players can use this to tally how many times they have completed a game of castle wars.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2: Grimoire of the Rift (DS)

I’ve been playing this game for over 60 hours and my Grias, the dragon winged hotties that fire blazing death from the back row, still don’t have access to two of their four possible job classes. What does a turn based surgeon like myself have to do around here?
I’m not too sure why I’m worried. I’ve got this master monk Bangaa over there that will shred your soul if you look at him the wrong way. Not to mention that pair of samurai just cold chillin at the bar. They’ve spent some time learning to be ninjas, FYI. Then there’s my illusionist, oh and that little cat with the sour face on, he’s got cannons under his jacket. Better check yourself.

This is the third time around for turn based strategy gaming in the world of Ivalice. The original Final Fantasy Tactics was for the PS1, and the second iteration was Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced for the GBA. In Grimoire for the DS many, many things have stayed the same so if you enjoyed the first two you’ll love the third. There are still black mages and soldiers and archers and potions, oh sure. But there are also new races and new job classes and new spells and abilities as well. Oh, and the judges are back.


Let’s get into it. Let’s talk about my best six versus the world. The combat in Grimoire is difficult to even call combat. First of all your boys cannot die. They can get knocked out but ultimately suffer zero penalty for the inconvenience. Of the dozens of job classes available to you throughout the game anything that might feel like a support class should be immediately bypassed. (I’m looking at you, Fintlock. I mean honestly why create a class that brandishes not guns, but hand cannons and then have these iron monstrosities heal teammates?) The AI in nearly all battles is so inept that even when facing a superior force you will catch some enemy Warrior class taking time to diminish the magic power of a fighter on my team that doesn’t even cast spells. The boards are full of people discussing what is the best class to raise a melee character in to get the best stats. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t matter, every fight is a cake walk.

Which leads me, at least, to wonder why have I spent 60+ hours playing a game that doesn’t really present any challenge? The answer is apparently that I like to play dress up with dolls. That is all I care about. I want my team to be three fighters and three gunners. I have to win some auctions so that I can put ninja tabi on everyone so they are super mobile. That’s right I’ve spent hours, HOURS, doing what is ultimately shoe shopping. It bothers me to no end that the special story characters that cannot be removed from my clan don’t change sprites when they change jobs. Ninjas look cool, man. That is the point of ninjas. If the main character becomes a ninja he should play the part at least a little, no? I’m nitpicking.

Jobs, Bazaars, and Auctions

In the first Tactics all a character needed to switch jobs was the prerequisite skills in other jobs. In FFTA a character could only learn skills from particular weapons. Now in FFTA2 a character needs not only the weapons to get the skills to get the jobs but for many jobs you also need to complete a specific mission first. It’s actually even harder than that. To get the weapons to get the skills to get the jobs you have to collect “loot” from dead enemies and completed missions. Once you have the right pieces of loot you can then turn them over to the Bazaar to create the weapon or armor or accessory. Then, and only then, can you buy it.

Another way to score some of the more premier items is by participating in the annual regional auctions. The auctions are a sort of mini game where first you bid against a number of opponents in an attempt to win all the lands of the region. All bidders start with about the same number of coins and through consecutive rounds of bidding try to win each land. Once you’ve won all the lands in a region the next auction is for items, not lands. If this all sounds too menial for you rest assured you really only have to do one auction. After that, you can skip them.

It’s perhaps not challenging enough to even be called a strategy game anymore and the developers have put some unreasonable road blocks in the way of building the team you secretly want to lead in real life. This doesn’t change the fact that I’ve spent over 60 hours playing it. The desire to do one more turn or complete one more mission is a fierce one. It is extremely easy to pick up and play for a few minutes or a few hours.

Oh and if anyone is looking forward to a story as complex as the War of the Lions, yeah, you’re not going to be thrilled with this drivel. It’s closer to the Never Ending Story. But without the righteous flying luck dragon.

Diablo: The Game that Made Me a Gamer

I’ve been bitten by the gaming bug for a long time. The game that made me a gamer was the first of the Diablo games. Diablo was first released in 1996 and I was hooked. The graphics were good for the time period, but it had stimulating game action. In the game you played a hero, either a warrior, rogue, or sorcerer. I usually played a rogue. The type of character you chose decided what kind of weapons you could use. I had bows that I can alternate. In the earliest game you never ran out of arrows, which I liked.

In the Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction game that came later you had to pick up or buy your ammo. In Diablo you were also limited on the armor you wore. You were allowed a head piece and a piece of armor over your torso to protect from the major hits. You also had rings and an amulet for protection. You had a back pack to carry items that you found that you either used or sold. You also had a belt for carrying potions to heal you or boost your mana (which was your energy level).

The game goal was to fight the denizens of hell (skeletons, demons, and monsters) and get to hell to defeat Diablo and prevent him from rising to earth to destroy mankind. In the game you are given quests to fulfill which raised your level of expertise along with the fighting. As you played you would gain levels of expertise and divide that up among your attributes such as strength or dexterity. The game was such that you could play this by yourself or with others online. It was always more fun playing with other players. It gave the game more depth and was really helpful through tough levels that were hard to do alone. One of my brothers played online with me and we were many miles away from each other.

Today, I play Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction which has improved on the original game and it allows you more options than before. It came out in 2000. You can still play alone or with others online, which I find a lot of fun. People are pretty friendly on the Blizzard network. I am looking forward to playing the new version of Diablo 3 which comes out May 15, 2012. I can’t wait for that version; it looks exciting. I enjoy playing video games and find them mind engaging, but I don’t let it decide my day and still get out and do other things.