In an unexpected move, RuneScape has updated Castle Wars only two days after the Elemental Workshop III quest update. This second update in one week significantly improves Castle Wars.
Castle wars rewards saw the biggest update. Castle Wars rewards were in need of improvement and now make saving castle wars tickets more worthwhile.

Castle Wars armor can now provide offensive bonuses in castle wars against enemies much like a slayer helm works against slayer tasks. This bonus can be up to 25% depending upon the type of armor worn.

A fourth set of Castle Wars armor has been added to the game. Requiring level 40 defense to wear, the set gives decent bonuses as well as the 25% damage increase against opponents in Castle Wars.

God halos can be purchased for use outside of castle wars. These have no requirements to wear and will slow the drain rate of certain prayers. The specific prayers drained vary depending on what god the halo is of.

Faithful shield is also available. This shield provides very good stats for an item that has no requirements to wear as well as a prayer bonus. Expect a surge of level one defense pures to pile Castle Wars trying to get tickets for this shield.

New capes are available for certain accomplishments. RuneScape layers who have logged the most kills in a game, most flag captures in a game, and have played 500, 1,000, and 5,000 games of castle wars.

Items that can be taken into and used during a game of Castle Wars can also be purchased from Lanthus. Four Ballista parts can be purchased and assembled for use within caste wars. Ballista ammunition can also be purchased. The ballista will fire upon all enemies within range until it is out of ammunition and can be destroyed by the enemy.

Potion sets can now be purchased for one ticket each set. Geared specifically towards melee, ranged, and magic, these sets can only be used within Castle Wars.

Within Castle Wars, RuneScape players can now use flares to alert teammates where to aim the catapult. RuneScape players will find this very useful for using a catapult to destroy an enemy ballista.

A take-5 item option has been added to the equipment tables for faster taking of items.

Castle Wars has been added to the high scores so RuneScape players can be recognized and ranked for their accomplishments as well. RuneScape players can use this to tally how many times they have completed a game of castle wars.

RuneScape Updates Castle Wars, Improves Castle Wars Rewards